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Reichert Technologies® Announces FDA Clearance of Xcel® 455 Slit Lamp

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October 18,2014

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – 2014 American Academy of OphthalmologyReichert Technologies, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality ophthalmic and optometric diagnostic instruments, announces the clearance/approval of the Xcel 455 Slit Lamp, a traditional style slit lamp with tower illumination and 5-step magnification.

"The Xcel 455 Slit Lamp is designed to deliver high-quality performance, versatility in use and exceptional value to eye care professionals; this is a welcomed addition to the Reichert Technologies family of products," said Andrew Jones, Director of Global Marketing at Reichert.

The Xcel 455 Slit Lamp optics incorporate lenses with high-efficiency, multi-layer optical coatings that provide bright, even illumination and clear image resolution. Xcel 455 uses eyepieces that are 12.5X magnification and offer a comfortable viewing experience. Filters included are red-free, heat absorbing, cobalt blue, and neutral density. The wide field optics and smooth movement of the base and slit elevation assist in ensuring user satisfaction with the performance of this device.

For more information on the Xcel 455 Slit Lamp, contact Reichert Technologies at (716) 686-4500, toll-free in the U.S.A and Canada at 1-888-849-8955, or visit


(Click here for high resolution photo of Xcel 455 Slit Lamp)

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