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Reichert® Offers New Reflex™ Ultrasound Biomicroscope

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November 10,2012

Buffalo, New York - Reichert Technologies' new Reflex™ Ultrasound Biomicroscope (UBM) safely images the anterior and posterior segments of the eye, delivering a superior view not available through other exam methods. Reichert's next generation UBM now offers a larger viewing area, a user-friendly, touch-screen interface and software improvements.

The compact unit is ideal for practices treating glaucoma patients, as well as for cataract and cornea specialists. Reichert's Reflex UBM also provides valuable information for the treatment of phacomorphic lenses, Plateau Iris Syndrome, cysts, tumors, retinal tears, cells in the vitreous chamber and vitreous hemorrhages.



The convenient test can be performed within five minutes by a technician or doctor. A ClearScan® disposable probe cover ensures that the UBM's probe will never make contact with the eye. Patients can remain upright in an exam chair throughout the procedure, with no need for a water bath or scleral shell.

Procedures using the UBM are billable through a well-established Medicare code.

"The Reflex Ultrasound Biomicroscope can image pathologies that may be obstructed by ocular structures or opacities, making them hard to capture using other exam procedures," said Reichert Technologies' David A. Taylor, product manager for advanced diagnostic devices. "Our UBM technology has evolved to the point that it is completely comfortable for the patient and easy for a technician to perform safely. With space at a premium, we designed Reflex with efficiency in mind."

The device is approximately the same size as a computer monitor, requiring very little space in an exam room.

Images captured on Reichert's Reflex UBM are DICOM compliant and can be exported to electronic medical records (EMR). The device also has a USB port and offers Ethernet connectivity.

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