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Reichert® Introduces the New, All-In-One Ocular Response Analyzer®

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April 21,2012

Buffalo, NY - Reichert Technologies proudly announces the introduction of the new, all-in-one Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA). Reichert pioneered the measurement of corneal biomechanical properties with the development of Corneal Hysteresis and Corneal Compensated IOP (IOPcc), and is now pleased to present the next generation ORA.

Since the introduction of the 1st generation ORA in 2005, Reichert has continued to define the ocular biomechanics revolution. The new ORA provides better overall signal quality and improved measurement repeatability for more reliable results. The attractive, more compact, all-in-one housing eliminates the need for a separate PC and optimizes space utilization. With an innovative left/right mounting, 180-degree rotating, tilt screen, and an intuitive touch-screen user interface, the new device is easier to use than ever. The internal CPU, on-board operating system, and 160GB hard drive ensure fast and trouble-free operation. If desired, the instrument is also available with an optional motorized chin-rest.

Over the past 7 years, the Ocular Response Analyzer has catapulted the topic of Ocular Biomechanics into the mainstream. Now, with over 200 published peer-reviewed articles, the subject has moved from scientific curiosity to daily clinical utility.

Corneal Hysteresis has been shown to be an independent and powerful indicator of progression in glaucoma, trumping the importance of central corneal thickness (CCT) in every study where the two parameters have been compared. Likewise, the IOPcc measurement, derived from the ORA's dynamic bi-directional applanation process, has been shown to be less dependent on corneal properties and a better indicator of glaucoma status than Goldmann tonometry. In the refractive surgery arena, where early identification of possible keratoconus is paramount, ORA's Corneal Hysteresis and Corneal Resistance Factor, as well as morphological characteristics of the measurement signals have proven to be valuable tools in the identification of biomechanically abnormal corneas. The new, optional Keratoconus Match Index software is a major breakthrough in this regard.*

The improvements made to the new ORA will further enhance its clinical utility and relevance. Product Manager David Taylor said, "We have worked closely with opinion-leading Ophthalmologists and Optometrists around the world for a decade in the development and improvement of this device. We are thrilled to incorporate what we have learned into the new model and look forward to bringing this exciting technology into many more practices."

The new Ocular Response Analyzer is available directly from Reichert in the USA and through authorized Reichert distributors internationally.

*13889 KMI and KMP features are not FDA 510k cleared and are not available for sale in the USA.

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