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Ten Interesting Facts You Should Know About Reichert Technologies

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August 1,2011

(1.) Reichert's rich history began in 1833 when William Beecher and three apprentices began making silver eyeglass frames above Beecher's watch and jewelry shop in Southbridge, Massachusetts. One of these apprentices, Robert H. Cole, later partnered with George W. Wells, upon the death of Beecher, to officially form American Optical in 1869.

(2.) After acquiring De Zeng Instrument Company of America in 1925, American Optical released the legendary Phoroptor in 1928. Henry L. De Zeng initially filed his patent for the product on April 25, 1921.

(3.) Nearly 6 years after being hired as a lens designer in the research lab for American Optical, Dr. Edgar Tillyer introduced the first Lensometer in 1921. This was the first product to measure effective lens power.

(4.) In 1935, American Optical acquired Buffalo-based Spencer Lens Company, a proven developer and manufacturer of high-quality microscopes. Herbert Spencer and prominent Buffalo surgeon, Dr. Roswell Park, founded Spencer Lens in 1895.

(5.) The industry's first Non-Contact Tonometer was introduced in 1972 by Dr. Bernard Grolman of American Optical/Reichert Technologies. Dr. Grolman was instrumental in Reichert's product success with over 50 patents before his untimely death in December of 2002.

(6.) Reichert Technologies has grown through the years as part of various notable business entities, including American Optical Company, Cambridge Instruments, Bausch and Lomb, and Leica Microsystems.

(7.) Reichert's products are manufactured in the USA. Approximately 96% of Reichert products are engineered and manufactured at their 83,000 square foot International Headquarters in Depew, New York.

(8.) Reichert's Tono-Pen has been used in various experiments aboard NASA's Space Shuttle since the early 1990's. Currently the Tono-Pen AVIA is used on the International Space Station for testing the effects of gravity on IOP.

(9.) Although Reichert Technologies is mostly known for Eye Care products, they also consist of several other divisions that focus on Analytical Instruments (AI). The AI division develops and manufactures products for the Scientific, Automotive, Clinical, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Petroleum and Chemical industries.

(10.) Reichert products have stepped into the International spotlight over recent years on the popular television shows ER, CSI and CSI Miami.

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