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Reichert Releases Ocular Response Analyzer® Software 3.01

Version 3.01 Analysis Tab with KMI and KMP Option
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February 14,2011

Buffalo, NY - Reichert Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA) software version 3.01. "Numerous improvements have been made to make the software more user-friendly and faster," says Reichert Product Manager, David Taylor. Current ORA users will benefit from a more streamlined user interface, requiring less button clicks to complete the measurement process. In addition, a Waveform Score feature has been implemented (available since version 2.04) that takes the guesswork out of selecting the best measurement in a series of measurements on the same eye. Objective signal analysis in the software automatically determines the most reliable measurement signal.

While new ORA products come with the basic 3.01 software, Reichert's existing ORA customers may upgrade their units at no additional charge. The software, user manual, and upgrade instructions may be downloaded at Just visit the Ocular Response Analyzer product page and go to the Downloads and Resources tab. All data will be automatically imported into the new database upon installation.

A breakthrough in Waveform Analysis
Available only to Reichert's international customers, the 3.01 software features an optional analysis function that unleashes the power of the ORA waveform parameters. These mathematical characterizations of the measurement signal (height, width, slope, etc) are processed using a custom algorithm, resulting in two new indices: Keratoconus Match Index (KMI) and Keratoconus Match Probability (KMP). The KMI and KMP results from an individual eye are compared to average values from five clinically classified populations in a normative database: Normal, Suspect KC, Mild KC, Moderate KC, and Severe KC. The software determines which population the measurement result best fits.

These new indices are a major advancement over the previous use of Corneal Hysteresis (CH) and Corneal Resistance Factor (CRF) alone. This software will enhance the ability of eye care professionals to identify Keratoconus earlier and will remove ambiguity when interpreting measurement results. The optional analysis feature is available for a small upgrade fee through Reichert Technologies. Just mention part number 13889 to obtain an unlock code for instant activation.  

Note: The KMI and KMP indices will only be generated for patient measurement data obtained after version 3.01 software is installed AND the KMI/KMP features have been unlocked. The Keratoconus Match Index and Keratoconus Match Probability features do not have FDA 510K clearance and are not available for sale in the USA.

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