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American Academy of Optometry - AAO

Date: October 23-26, 2019
Booth: 816
Location: Orlando, FL, USA

Phoroptor® VRx - Digital Refraction System

Exceed your patients' expectations with a premium refraction experience. Featuring the thinnest, most compact design, incredibly fast lens exchange, and ultra-quiet operation, Phoroptor VRx Digital Refraction System sets a new standard in refraction. Includes a free ClearChart®, free on-site installation, and free training! $500 Exclusive  Rebate Available!



Efficiently Balancing Practice & Personal Life

Multitasker Lisa Genovese, OD, talks about using technology to more efficiently balance Insight Eye Care's multiple locations with being a role model parent.


Differentiated By Design

When building Eyesite, Benjamin Peters, OD, & Justin Verrone OD, understood the importance design plays in their patient's experience.



Ocular Response Analyzer® G3

Measure Beyond Pressure, with Corneal Hysteresis – a more objective predictor of glaucoma progression. Ocular Response Analyzer® (ORA) is the only device that measures Corneal Hysteresis (CH) and Corneal Compensated Intraocular Pressure (IOPcc) $1,000 Exclusive Rebate Available!

Corneal Hysteresis significance in predicting glaucoma development with Felipe Medeiros, MD.

Medeiros briefly describes how Corneal Hysteresis was found to be independently more predictive of conversion to glaucoma than other risk factors, including IOP and CCT. 


Corneal Hysteresis Insights: ‘The Ophthalmologist’ Advanced Glaucoma Technologies Forum

Insights on the role of Corneal Hysteresis in Glaucoma management, taken from the Advanced Glaucoma Technologies Forum presented by The Ophthalmologist, with glaucoma opinion leaders Ike Ahmed, MD, E. Randy Craven, MD, Constance Okeke, MD, Inder Paul Singh, MD, and Robert Weinreb, MD


How is Corneal Hysteresis useful in glaucoma decision making, J. Thimons, OD.

Thimons discusses the importance of Corneal Hysteresis and IOPcc measurements in the monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment of glaucoma. 



Other American Academy of Optometry Offers and Promotions

SightChek™ Digital Phoroptor®

Increase efficiency and patient throughput with the ease of digital refraction added to your practice. Limited-Time pricing as low as $7,995!




ClearChart® 4X and ClearChart® 4P Digital Acuity System

Simple-to-use interface. 24-inch LED backlit display. Custom developed for acuity testing. Now with LEA SYMBOLS® and LEA NUMBERS®. Limited-time, up to a $1,000 trade-in!


Ultramatic RX Master™ Illuminated Phoroptor® Refracting Instrument

Patented, maintenance-free LED design. American-made with watch-like precision. The classic, now brighter.


LensChek™ Pro - Digital Lensometer® with PD + UV

A compact, modern design combined with an intuitive user interface makes this the easiest lensmeter user experience available. Limited-Time rebate available!


OptoChek™ Plus - Auto Refractor + Keratometer

Combining technology, simplicity, and value at the core of your exam lane.


Reichert® 7CR Auto Tonometer + Corneal Response Technology®

A better pressure measurement with Corneal Compensated IOP (IOPcc). Innovative non-contact tonometer featuring patented Corneal Response Technology®Limited-time trade-in offer available!


Tono-Pen AVIA® Tonometer

Now with Quick-Tap™ Measurement Mode. The same ready-to-use, calibration-free, reliable IOP operation, now with more confidence in fewer measurements. Limited-time trade-in offer available. Sale starts September 19th!


Tono-Pen® XL Tonometer

Trusted by clinicians for over three decades, the classic Tono-Pen XL provides quick and easy tonometry readings you can trust. Sale starts September 19th!


iPac® Pachymeter


The Reichert® iPac® is the most feature-rich handheld pachymeter available. Limited-time $300 instant rebate offer available!


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